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Delinquency in Bangladesh

Cause of Juvenile Delinquency in Bangladesh

Juvenile delinquency has been seen in a massive way recently in Bangladesh. The form of delinquency mostly seen as a juvenile gang in some particular urban and in some rural areas. We need much concern of it’s psychological view point which may help us to protect it before spreading elsewhere. There are several psychological causes of juvenile delinquency.

First of all, the mental conflict which is soughed by psychologist as important psychological cause. This conflict either internal during adjustment to self or external during adjustment to reality or authority. For example, when children face restriction from external physical, social and personal limitation to his own pleasure that produce the strong mental conflict. Freudian perspective states that delinquency in behavior of a juvenile is the failure to resolve this conflict. In other word, failure of ego to resolve this conflict between id and super ego of a child. Thus, their behaviour mostly driven by id which is not accepted by our society and state. Sometimes, external conflict such as relationship breakup, peer relationship which affect internal conflict as a form of delinquency.

Second psychological cause is the mental defect. It’s indicate that due to much stress, frustration, depression, low intelligent children show more aggression and unable to control their behavior and violate the law of the state. However, superior intelligent responsible for delinquent behaviour because of their demand are much more high than normal children and if these demands are not full fill by their parents at home or teachers at school may exhibit delinquent behaviour as become as a leader of a juvenile gang.

The third cause is the faulty personality of children. This type of adolescent show emotionally unstable, deficient, hypersensitivity, hyposensitivity characteristic in their behaviour and show delinquency because they easily aroused or disturbed physical stimulus such as noise, bright lights, pain or strong smell or vice versa and show less emotion. Furthermore, they show abnormalities of instinct and emotions such as they intend to show irresistible impulse and lack or fear and sympathy to other. This personality characteristic of children easily involve in delinquency termed as antisocial personality.

Fourth cause of juvenile delinquency is the ego defense mechanism. Each human even children repressed their unpleasant, conflict, irrational wishes which result in unconsciousness delinquent behaviour. Furthermore, they may express indirectly through substitution of their repressed feeling through by means of delinquency such as stealing or committing violence.

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